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UXPA International 2021 Conference
Aug 31 - Sep 03, 2021
Baltimore, MD

Join Mad*Pow's Organizational Designer, Lindsey Messervy on Monday June 22nd 6-9pm, at UXPA 2020 in Baltimore as she leads her workshop titled Transformation by Design: Strengthening Design and Innovation Practices in Your Organization.

Workshop Abstract: 

As UX practitioners, we are primed to identify how things might be better – whether the focus is on the products, services or offerings we develop, or the way we work as an organization. When we’ve helped organizations shift their focus inwards to strengthen, scale or evolve human-centered design practices, we’ve found the most effective strategies for supporting change goes beyond simply identifying skill and process gaps. It requires an understanding of the organizational culture dynamics that can facilitate or impede these efforts.

This workshop helps both design leaders and UX practitioners seeking to influence change in their organization by developing effective strategies to grow human-centered design and innovation within and across teams. During this session, we will present ways to:

1. Assess your organization’s culture to understand its strengths, challenges, and opportunities for supporting human-centered design and innovation.

2. Determine the approaches to infuse human-centered design that best fit your organization’s unique circumstances.

3. Devise small but impactful changes you can try to gain new understanding about what works and doesn’t work.


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The User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) is a professional association for people interested in user experience (UX). UXPA supports professionals who research, design, and evaluate the UX of products and services. 

UXPA holds yearly international conferences and publishes new findings through both the Journal of Usability Studies (JUS) and through User Experience Magazine. It currently has 54 chapters around the world. In 2004, UXPA established World Usability Day, which in 2011 was celebrated in 44 countries.

Lindsey Messervy
Job Title
Director, Organizational Design & Strategy
Nedret Sahin
Job Title
Senior Experience Designer