Jen Siegel

Jen Siegel

Experience Researcher

Jen describes herself as empathetic, analytical, and creative, and those attributes make the field of user experience a perfect fit for her. After getting her master’s degree in Human Factors in Information Design at Bentley University, Jen used her UX research expertise to connect with users at Philips, identifying challenges and developing solutions to improve workflow. Along the way, she’s been recognized for her excellence in UX research, including a prestigious iF Design Award with her team at Philips.

“One of the coolest client moments I experienced was visiting a hospital to learn firsthand how the client’s product was used in the emergency department (ED),” said Jen. “While one can imagine the busy workflow in the ED, directly observing it helped our team better empathize with the staff and design a better user experience.”

At Mad*Pow, Jen brings passion for improving the lives of others through her work, along with an enthusiasm to work on a variety of different projects across a wide range of industries.

Jen also has a BSE in chemical and biological engineering from Princeton University. When she’s not at work, Jen enjoys playing volleyball, watching movies, and loves all things Disney.

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