Jane Connolly

Jane Connolly

Technical Architect

When Jane scored the very first goal ever for her high school lacrosse team, she knew that she was destined for great things. There on the field, surrounded by her screaming teammates, she thought to herself, “Victory shall hereafter be mine.”

As a technical architect at Mad*Pow, Jane utilizes her knowledge of a variety of programming languages and technologies to deliver clean, efficient code for our clients. She also contributes to design conception and the vision of the entire user experience.

A lifelong New Englander, Jane graduated from Smith College with a BA in mathematics and a minor in digital arts. After college, she started as a web designer, but soon dove into back-end programming, teaching herself as she went along.

She lives in Maine with a world-famous author and enjoys running, hiking, traveling, plants, the sun, and visiting the sheep and geese at the end of the street.

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