Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan

Creative Director

Dan is a designer who will never get comfortable just doing what he knows. He’s always curious and always looking for new experiences, whether he’s learning 3D modeling and animation or traveling to a new country. 

 With clients like Saucony, Hasbro, Samsung, NFL, Blue Cross Blue Shield, McGraw-Hill, Subway, and Samsonite, Dan’s work has appeared on- and off-screen, from a mobile coding university to a commemorative drink cup. He seizes on what makes his client different and uses digital and real-life experiences to showcase it. Dan says one his favorite moments was seeing a commercial he directed on TV for the first time. That can’t beat his early crowning achievement, where he played on-stage in the final round of the Nintendo World Championships, but it must come close.

Dan admits that he does “too much”: he plays video and board games, goes to old movies and midnight showings, hikes, and hangs with Puppycat and Doormouse (both cats).

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